Wireless warning system

Heliwarning is a wireless warning system developed to warn crane operators of helicopter activity in the close proximity.
The system consists of one Helitower unit and one or more Crane units.
One of the main advantages with this helicopter warning system is that there is no need for cables between the different units as all communication happen via radio.

Personnel on the helicopter deck activate a switch on the Helitower unit. The warning signal is transferred via radio transmitter/receiver to the crane unit/units where the signal manifests itself as both light and sound signal.

The crane operator acknowledges the warning by activating a switch on the Crane unit which turns off the sound.
Once the helicopter activity has finished the helicopter deck personnel switches off the warning signal which in turn switches the light signal on the crane unit/units off.
The radio signal is transmitted continuously during the warning period.

Hardware specs.:
The radio transmitter/receiver operates in the frequency range of 434MHz.
Operating frequency may be individually set on each unit if there are several Heliwarning systems on the same oil field.

The Helitower and Crane units are delivered in cabinets suitable for wall mounting.
It is possible to connect external operator panel with switch, diode and buzzer to both units.

Operating voltage for both units is 230 VAC 50Hz. Power consumption ismax. 2