The DropPoint is the ideal solution for labelling and registration of products in positions where limited number of products are to be registered, typically end of production lines.
The DropPoint is well suited in positions where space is limited and the positioning of an industrial pc in addition to printer would prove difficult.

The DropPoint works as a terminal for entering data and as a printer for labelling all in one.
The DropPoint is connected to the LAN and will fetch all necessary information about product, order, declarations and trace information from the local server.
This means that the operator only needs to scan or enter the product code in most cases in order to label the product correctly.

The DropPoint is developed by Meats AS and is tailor made for the labelling and registration of products in the food industry.

Peripheral equipment which may be connected to the DropPoint:

Scale, scanner and label printer

The DropPoint may print:

F-pack, product label, D-pack, box label and T-pack, pallet label