MES, Manufacturing Execution System.

MEATS MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) is one of our prioritized areas within the food industry.
We have several years' experience and know the food industry's challenges and its needs for full control over the production processes.
Our customers have high demands for user friendliness of all registration equipment.
The applications must have built in logic to ensure correct data is registered in every position in order to reduce erroneous registrations to a minimum.

MEATS MES system is not only a data capture system, it is also a tool and a great help to steer the production and all the different processes in the factory towards achieving the desired target. This entails that the system must be aware of the line capacities, the resources and the time available in the production plant.
Production plans, available raw materials and the overall result are also important factors in order for the system to help achieve the days' target. The supervisors and other key personnel have reports available showing the overall production status whenever desired.

MEATS MES system satisfies all traceability- and labelling demands.

The MEATS MES system includes reception- , slaughtering-, deboning-, processing- and dispatch modules.

MEATS AS specializes in software development. We give our customers the freedom to choose hardware from different manufacturers and integrate the selected hardware into our MES system. A wide range of communication protocols for different types of scales, packing machines and automatic processing lines etc. are defined in the system, and more are added when needed.

Our MES system is already fully integrated with several large ERP systems.