Hand Terminal

Meats AS offer various applications designed for handheld terminals which may be tailor made to suit the customers' needs.
User friendliness and data safety are always of utmost importance when we design our applications.

To be sure that data capture will be as correct as possible it is important that the application is designed with this aspect in mind; the application must be as logical and intuitive for the operators as possible in order to assist rather than hamper the operator in the tasks at hand.

Meats «Gun Console» is a Java application custom built to be used on handheld terminals, Meats «Gun Console» is especially suited for use in areas where barcodes are the information carrier, such as goods reception, stock movement and dispatch.

Meats Gun Console has routines for printing box labels, pallet labels and transport labels. Packing lists, transport documents and certificates may be printed when dispatching orders.