System Integration

Meats AS has knowledge and experience of differt systems at every level.
The Meats MES system is more often than not integrated with an ERP system.
There are different levels of integration, i.e. the Meats MES is fully integrated to
Infor M3 while with other ERP systems a simpler form of integration is chosen
where only customer-, order- and item information is shared.

The Meats MES system is designed to fetch information from and deliver information to various peripheral equipment in the production environment. Examples of equipment may be graders, robots, conveyors, storage systems etc. There are also a wide range of implemented scale protocols, enabling our customers to freely choose which scales they want to use.

The integration of equipment is often customer specified tasks which we are more than willing to take on.
We hope that our competence can contribute to achieving an optimum solution for our customers' production plants.