Software for Industrial PC, IPC

Meats AS offer a wide variety of terminal applications which may be tailor made to meet the customers' needs.
User friendliness and data safety are always of utmost importance when we design our applications.
To ensure that data capture will be as correct as possible it is important that the application is designed with this aspect in mind; the application must be as logical and intuitive for the operators as possible in order to assist rather than hamper the operator in the tasks at hand.

The applications have built in logic to ensure correct data is registered in every position in order to reduce erroneous registrations to a minimum.

The terminal applications are designed in such a way that it is simple to adjust their functionality to fit different work situations.

These are some of the reasons why our terminal applications are unique and important contributors to the total data capture in our MES system, giving the production plant the necessary confidence that all data and processes are handled in the best possible way.

A wide range of communication protocols for different types of scales, printers, scanners and other peripheral equipment are defined in the applications, and more are added when needed.

We have terminal applications for:

Slaughter, deboning, processing, dispatch, general process industry