Data capture and product labelling

High demands are placed on the food industry with regards to product quality, product information and documented traceability.
Product labeling plays an important role in satisfying these demands.
Incorrect labelling is very costly.

The Meats labelling solution gives the necessary confidence in that all products are labelled according to expectations.
This is solved by connecting all labelling stations to the same local server from where all data relating to labelling is fetched.
The educated choice of label layout and information is done by the supervisor in charge and is automatically passed on to all labelling stations; no operator needs to remember to update the labelling station before the registration/labelling of products may begin.

The maintenance of data and labels is performed in one system only, which assures that all labelling positions in the plant have the same information and will label the production uniformly.
All positions will be automatically updated with the latest information each time the registration/labelling on a new order starts.